Sleep Test

Embletta X100
The Embletta X100 represents a new dimension in home sleep testing available to dentists. Embletta X100 is one of the only devices that meets the guidelines recommended by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and CMS (Medicare).

The Embletta system was introduced in 2000 and has a proven track record of success. With over 5,000 systems in use by sleep clinics and hospitals it is the most popular home sleep study device available.
What Does Embletta X100 Record?
Because of the versitile design of the Embletta, the system is capable of recording as much  information as the doctor wants.

10 Active Transducers
- Airflow / Pressure (required by AASM for Level II, III system)
- Thorax Effort Belt (required by AASM for Level II, III system)
- Abdominal Effort Belt (required by AASM for Level II, III system)
- Pulse Rate
- Oximeter
- EEG (required only for Level II system)
- EOG (required only for Level II system)
- EMG (required only for Level II system)
2 Passive Transducers
- Body position sensor
- Accelerometer

Insurance Reimbursement
Recently Medicare and private insurances have embraced portable monitoring as a diagnostic alternative to PSG. In doing so, they have put forth guidelines and requirements for various diagnostic levels. The Embletta X100 is a Level II system - capable of monitoring up to 12 channels of data including EEG. Because of its versitile design, it can also be set up as an easy-to-use Level III system. Many other home study devices do not fit the requirements for Level II or III and therefore may be denied coverage by many insurance carriers.